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Easy to use, full-stack WebRTC framework for software developers.

Opensource, Erlang, Websockets, WebRTC, JavaScript.

Start building your own web services and applications using WebRTC.

Available as a service, - can be used on shared hosting.

Get more details on WebRTC'O homepage at Github

VPN Automator

Controls your VPN connections. Handles network routing. Allows you to control and optimize your network traffic. Automates network routine work. Manages pre-configured network settings and profiles automatically. Easily handles multi-VPN simultaneous connections.

Makes your network life comfy. Lightweight and simple to use.

Security should not be rocket science!


Education without borders. Interactive education platform for people.

Are an expert in some kind of knowledge? Share your knowledge to others! Make it free or earn money.

Are you a student? Looking for an expert for studying something specific? Join and take courses!

The platform is also available as a service for schools.

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